Capital raising and strategy consulting for the real estate finance sector

Tollington Group is a specialist real estate finance consultancy providing equity capital raising and debt financing solutions to property developers, operating companies and alternative lenders.

We help our clients reach their full potential by skilfully recognising new market opportunities, developing innovative business expansion strategies, optimising operations and raising required funding.

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Tollington Group’s consultancy services focus on raising and structuring the right capital from the right investors to be lent to or invested into real estate operating companies, development projects and specialist lenders.

Our personal approach, established private equity track record and unique market specialism unlocks an extensive equity and debt finance network, ranging from private offices to international institutions. We work with clients on a selective and aligned basis, developing a tailored strategy for the unique business requirements and growth ambitions of each.

Who We Work With

Tollington Group is a partner to its clients. We leverage our extensive network and close relationships with private and institutional investors and lenders to successfully source and structure capital.


​We work with experienced property developers and operating companies who require equity or debt for their ventures, with typical tickets starting at £15m with no upper limit. Our clients have a solid track record of successful projects and benefit from Tollington Group’s unique position in the market to help them take their business to the next level.


We collaborate with investors that generally have a UK presence, ranging from private equity funds to family offices to pension funds and insurance companies in the US, Europe and Asia. These investors have an appetite for exposure to the UK real estate debt and equity markets, with strategies including but not limited to build to rent, single family rentals, residential-led mixed use, affordable and social housing, student housing, assisted living, care homes and hotels.


Tollington Group is also a specialist in raising and structuring capital for growing and established alternative real estate lenders. We consult on business origination and expansion strategies, as well as the arrangement of funding lines, syndications, co-lending transactions and loan-on-loan structures. This enables real estate lenders to expand their capital deployment volume and lending remit while boosting IRRs.


Tollington Group understands the different interests of a project from the points of view of the investor, developer and lender. Our team brings a problem-solving approach to every engagement to help create new financing structures and business optimisation strategies.

We engage with a limited number of assignments at a time, using a selective and aligned approach when taking on new projects. We do this so we can properly focus on all of our investor, lender and developer clients, ensuring that they benefit from our full attention and expertise.

Our clients return to us or keep us involved throughout their growth, making our working relationships feel more like partnerships than one-off transactions.


Tollington Group brings the expertise to understand market trends and opportunities and the courage to approach projects with unconventional but effective solutions.

Alexandra Thur, Founder

Alexandra founded Tollington Group in 2021, identifying the ongoing needs of developers to access more institutional-level capital and professional investors to allocate capital to quality real estate projects and financing opportunities.

Prior to Tollington Group, Alexandra was the youngest founding team member of two publicly traded Blackstone Group portfolio companies, Invitation Homes and B2R Finance. As one of the first 20 employees of Invitation Homes, America’s largest single-family rental owner operator, Alexandra was closely involved in the operations and strategy behind the acquisition, renovation, leasing and management of over 80,000 single-family homes across 17 US markets. She subsequently became a founding team member of of Blackstone’s B2R Finance, a private lender that harnessed a multi-billion dollar market gap in residential real estate investor financing.

Following Blackstone, Alexandra became the Investment Director of a specialist ground rent investment firm, focusing on the responsible acquisition of freeholds and selling the inflation-hedged, long-dated income to pension funds. She then served as the Director of Investor Relations for Titanbay, enabling family offices and HNWIs to allocate to otherwise inaccessible private equity funds across growth equity, venture capital, credit, distressed and buyout strategies.

Alexandra holds a MPhil from the University of Cambridge and a BSc from University College London.